Have a Question?Take a look at our FAQs below!

How long will the grooming take?

This is dependent on the condition of the pet’s coat, size of the pet & their temperament. In general cat grooming is about 1 ½ hours, dog grooming can be anywhere from 2-3 1/2 hours.

How many dogs do you take at a time?

We try to only have two dogs in the grooming room at a time. Occasionally there may be dogs waiting to be picked up.  

Do you crate dogs?
Yes we do crate dogs while they are waiting for their bath, or waiting to be picked up. The groomer is always present while there are dogs in the salon.

Do you sedate pets?

No, we do not sedate any pet. Occasionally we suggest to owners to talk to their vet about anti-anxiety medication if they are aggressive while being groomed. We will not administer that medication. Anti-anxiety medication must be administered by the owner prior to grooming appointment. You must inform your groomer if your pet is on any medications at the time of grooming.

Do you use “cage dryers”?

A cage dryer is a hot box that blows hot air around to dry dogs. We do not use those. We do crate your pet and a soft warm blow dryer is placed in front of the crate. These are quiet dryers made especially for drying pets in a crate. The groomer is always present to monitor your pet. The groomers also use hand dryers to ensure your pet is fully dry before leaving the salon.

Do you muzzle pets for grooming?

Absolutely not! Our cat groomer occasionally uses a cone while grooming cats. 

What if I don’t like my pets groom?

We do not offer refunds on grooming services. However in the event you are not happy with a groom we ask that you leave a message for your groomer on their voicemail. The groomer will make every effort to make time to adjust the cut in a timely manner. If the cut is shorter than you wanted it is possible due to matting a shorter cut was necessary. Please be patient, the hair/fur will grow back, we promise.

What are these red spots on my dog’s skin, they showed up after the groom?

It’s probably hot spots which happen when the fur gets matted close to the skin. The tight matting reduces air circulation to the skin causing the skin to become red and raw. The groomer will shave these areas out to allow the skin to heal. The blades of the clippers do not get close to the skin and didn’t cause the red spots. We recommend a hot spot spray or coconut oil to help the area heal. If the spots don’t go away on their own, or your dog is scratching at them we do suggest you see your vet to ensure the hot spots don’t get infected.

Can I leave my pet with you all day while I go to work or run errands?

No, I’m sorry we just don’t have the space to board your dog or cat for the day. We need to adhere to strict pick up policy, and there is a charge of $15 for a late pick up. This is for your pets comfort as hanging out at the groomer all day is not fun for them. They want you to come get them so they can strut around the neighborhood showing off their new do.

My Dog doesn’t like cats/ My cat doesn’t like dogs!!

No problem!! We groom cats and dogs in separate rooms.

What happened to your retail section?

In this new world of big box stores and internet shopping it was no longer feasible to maintain a retail store. By eliminating retail we are better able to focus on bringing you a personalized grooming experience. We plan to add another groomer and another grooming room in the future.